STORE Web Services is a set of XML Web Services that provide specific information to partners, vendors, and customers of Centershift. The interface documented here, for web services, provides basic information needed by 3rd party web development firms when developing web–presence sites for Centershift customers.


Using the STORE Web Services:

Contacting Centershift

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Definitions, General Information and Tips

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Lookup User Request Object

This object is required in almost all SWS method calls and is used to confirm access.

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Entities And Workflow

Basic Store 4 Entities

Workflow Chart

Finding A Unit and Dynamic Pricing

New Account Workflow Process

Reservation/New Rental Workflow Process

Payment Workflow Process

Method List










        <remove name='BasicProfile1_1'/>


public class MyWebService {

Visual Basic

<WebService(Namespace:="")> Public Class MyWebService
End Class


public ref class MyWebService {